Financial Agreement Info

BCRL has never turned a child away for lack of money.  Let us make that clear to start.  However if you can't pay, you are expected to work off your registration fees with the organization.  

*If you have problems paying, please fill out the financial agreement form*

Effective 7/12/2017 no registrations will accepted without post-dated checks or a credit card on file, as well as an agreed to time frame for those to be deposited and/or charged.

We will allow payments to be broken down into 3, 4, or 5 installments if nescessary.  Not to extend past the 1 month mark of the start of the season.  Post-dated checks for the payments must be submitted with the registration or a credit card must be on file for charges to be made.  No follow-up will occur, the checks will be deposited or the cards charged on the agreed upon dates.  Credit card charges will be charged a premium to cover processing charges. Roughly 50 cents + 3% per transaction.