Code of Ethics

The following  are violations of the BCRL Code of Ethics.  These unsportsmanlike behaviors will result in specific penalties to be issued by the on-field official and/or the BCRL Board.
• Entering the playing area without permission of the officials. Warning/Ejection/Board Review/Sanctions
• Threatening actions or words toward the officials, players or spectators. Ejection/Board Review/Sanction
• Aggressive physical contact with officials, players or spectators. Ejection/Possible contact of law enforcement personnel/Board Review/Sanctions
• Refusal to leave the playing area after ejection. Forfeiture/Possible contact of law enforcement personnel/Board Review/Sanctions
• Constant and/or excessive verbal abuse of officials, players or spectators. Warning/Ejection/Board Review/Sanctions
• Instructing players to play in a dangerous or unsportsmanlike manner. Ejection/Board Review/Sanction
• Use of tobacco products or profanity in the playing area during practices or games. Caution/Ejection/Board Review/Sanction
• Consumption of alcohol in the playing area during practices or games. Ejection/Board Review/Sanction

About BCRL

BCRL provides baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball to the youth of Batavia, Ohio.

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2487 Bauer Road, Batavia, Ohio 45103

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