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Standard Uniform Policy

In hoping to answer some of the questions around the uniform changes for this year and moving forward we wanted to put out this document.  This is a new process we are trying to implement this so there will be some learning curves.  Please be patient with us as we work out the process.

Why the change?
Over the year’s uniforms have been the source of some common issues.

  • Coaches ended up footing the bill for uniforms for people that wouldn’t pay.
  • Teams getting charged exorbitant rates for their uniforms by the various suppliers.
  • Teams having supplier issues with their uniforms.
  • General conflicts around the money.

By going to a common supplier and design we take care of a few of these issues by being able to negotiate a common rate for our uniforms and over time the supplier should be able to have a quicker turn around on uniforms around our teams as the designs will be stable.

My team already has uniforms, do we need to buy new ones?
NO!  We don’t want to cost parents more money for no reason.  If you have a current uniform, feel free to use those.  If you have to order a uniform or two more, do so.  If you find that you are getting new team uniforms, we do expect you to use our new standard uniforms.

Can we be the <insert custom name here>? 
In what you call each other,sure.  On the uniform? No.  We are using this time to standardize our uniforms and teams.

Do the parents have to return the uniforms after the season? 
No.  You are paying for them, you own them.

I have a sponsorship, what should I do?
Talk to the supplier about finding a way to put the sponsor on the uniforms.  There may be a slight cost increase, but we are not forbidding teams from getting sponsors.  It will, however limit some of what you can do in keeping with the common uniforms.

Why are you using the organization Presidents sister as a supplier?
Because she was the best one for what we were trying to accomplish.  We try to support Batavia businesses whenever possible (TK Printing, Dingo Photography,, etc...).  To be very clear the President of BCRL was 100% removed from the decisions around this due to the conflict of interest.  Clarence K, the Treasurer was the driving force in organizing this and the rest of the board members at the time met privately, without the President in attendence, and discussed the options we had available.  It was unanimously approved by the board and the President and her sister were informed of the decision. 

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