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BCRL serves hundreds of families in the Batavia school district, and with that there are some things that just aren't well known.  The growth of Batavia in general has made this lack of knowledge more wide spread. We've created this page to share a list of things that you may not be aware of.  Consider it a FAQ.  Worth taking your time to read it.

Did you know that BCRL does not directly benefit from your tax dollars? BCRL is not part of the Batavia school system. BCRL is not part of the Village of Batavia, Clermont County, or Batavia Township.  We do partner with the school system and get some exceptions from township rules but we are not at all "part of them."

Did you know that BCRL is ran by volunteers?  The board is unpaid.  The sports reps, they do get some free registration but outside of that they get no special compensation from the organization.  The coaches are unpaid and not compensated at all.  

Did you know that BCRL has spent near $12,000 on lawn care each of the past few seasons?  Think about that, 120 registrations go toward lawn care! Now we have done some things to help this.  We've asked for quotes on this in the past, most come in between $14,500 and $26,100!!

Did you know that BCRL spends about $4,000 on port-o-lets?  Yep.. 40 registrations just to give you a port-o-let!  A few years back we changed suppliers and saved about $2,000 per year!

Did you know that BCRL has been in operation since 1961?  

Did you know that BCRL pays about $6600 in insurance cost?  You know the drill by now.. 66 registrations. We've shopped this around in past years, this is by far the best deal we can get.

Did you know that BCRL pays about $6000 to basketball referees each season?

Did you know that BCRL pays about $7000 to soccer officials each season?

Did you know that BCRL pays about $10,000 for baseball and softball officials each season?

Did you know that BCRL pays about $10,000 for league fees?

Did you know that BCRL has a pretty predictable pattern on our year to year budget? We "make" money for two or three years in a row, this allows us to stock pile some money and then a year with a huge "loss" happens.    This loss is generally a reinvestment in our organization.

Did you know that BCRL works with the schools to provide for the athletes when possible?  We've bought things for the school volleyball teams, every year we buy the game balls for all the basketball teams, and at times we've partnered with the Athletic Boosters to make larger impacts (like new uniforms for the high school girls basketball players last year!). 

Did you know that BCRL offers two $500 scholarships for Batavia High School seniors?  This was a first for 2018, but will be an on going thing.  

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BCRL provides baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball to the youth of Batavia, Ohio.

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