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Largely depends on who signs up. In the past we have divided the girls into older and younger groups. In general your child will be placed with children of similar age.
There are no official residency requirements for cheerleading. Though if your community offers cheer, we recommend your child cheer with their friends.
This is largely unknown at the moment. Generally once or twice during the week.
If a player is signed up on time, we will do everything we can to have a place for that child to play. We do not reject players due to talent. We do have an evaluation day to help the coaches draft new players.

All players are placed on a recreational team, these teams stay local to the area and the goal is for them to be equal. Generally only leaving Clermont County on occassion. In addition to this, when it makes sense (there will be many times this doesn't happen), we form a team for the more advanced and committed players that is formed via tryout. Players who make that team will be on two teams, they are expected to put their recreational team first. These teams play in the Southwest Ohio League and travel the entire geographic area of Cincinnati.
We never can guarntee placement, but we will try with our cheer squads and communicate early if it isn't possible.
Practices start ramping up in November and the schedule ends by March. Your child will cheer one game a week, always at home.
This will vary by the squad, but BCRL does provide uniforms.
The best answer to this is on our Did you know page. For basketball specific we use our basketball money to fund most of our donations to the school system. We have league fees and referee fees. Plus our clock and concession workers are paid so parents are not expected to do these task.
BCRL Basketball is a grade based sport. Your child will play on a team entirely made of his grade. In the last 8 years, we've had one player play up because the grade above him needed a player to form a team and we've had one entire team play up a grade (2nd graders played 3rd grade). These are rare cases and not likely to be repeated.
Yes. There are several extra cost through the season.
  • Uniform extras. Items such as spanx are not included.
  • Admission. There is a cost to attend games, generally $3 per adult and $1 per child, with a max of $7.
This depends on the grade.

  • 2nd Grade - Equal among players
  • All other grades - 9 minutes per game is required, anything more than that is at the discretion of the coach.
Tiffany Poor - - 513-781-2583

Alysha Haung - - 513-846-9140

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