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BCRL requires that you live in, or attend, the Batavia Local School District. So if you go to West Clermont, but live in the Batavia school district you can sign up for BCRL.

Additionally, BCRL does not grant releases to players, so if you want to play in the CPYBL you will need to play for BCRL.
We play within the CPYBL, please visit their site for the official rules.
The official practice schedule is not made until after teams are formed. You could practice anywhere from 4:45PM (start time) - 8:30PM (end time). Your childs team will practice one or two times a week depending on the coaches availability and team preference. Most of our teams practice once during the week and once on Sunday.

Our teams practice at one of several locations: Batavia Middle School, Batavia Elementary School and Batavia HS.
If a player is signed up on time, we will do everything we can to have a place for that child to play. We do not reject players due to talent. If interest is there for an athletic/select team we will form one. All players that do not tryout or do not make a team will be placed on a recreational team.
Athletic/Select teams are formed by our tryout staff (usually the varsity coach). Recreational teams are formed by the coaches via a player draft. Request for coaches are not promised at any level. Competing coaches are not going to let the three best players request the same coach to make their team less competitive. In the case where we have returning teams, players are usually kept on the team they played for the prior year. New players are then drafted to the teams, where the team with the least amount of players gets first pick.

I can tell you that in most cases if you don't like a specific coach, they likely would prefer your child on another team too. It usually works out.
Practices start ramping up in November and the schedule ends by March. For each team your child is on they will be scheduled for 11 games. Weather sometimes cancels games, but you will be scheduled for 11.
Tennis shoes and a uniform. Any tennis shoes should work. Uniforms are sold via BCRL and purchased in addition to your registration fee.
The best answer to this is on our Did you know page. For basketball specific we use our basketball money to fund most of our donations to the school system. We have league fees and referee fees. Plus our clock and concession workers are paid so parents are not expected to do these task.
You are signing up to commit to a team. It is expected that your player be at the vast majority of practices and games. This is usually not a problem, however when it is there is a process that we go through, the process stops when the problem is resolved.

  1. Coach talks to parent about the issue.
  2. Coach escalates the issue to the Basketball Rep. The Rep gives a plan of action if there is a good solution to it.
  3. Coach sends an email to the parent, cc'ing the Basketball Rep letting the parent know that if the player misses another practice, they will not play in the following games and that future missed practices may require a doctors note.
  4. Basketball Rep talks to the parent about their future on the team and works to find a solution.

I can assure you that 99% of issues are resolved after the email is sent to parents and the basketball rep.
A player may only be on one CPYBL team. No exceptions. If a player is on more than one CPYBL team they will be suspended by the league and the teams will forfeit games.

However a child is free to play on as many teams in other leagues that they want.

One caveat to this, if this causes an attendance issue for your BCRL team, the process outlined in the other question can come into play.
BCRL Basketball is a grade based sport. Your child will play on a team entirely made of his grade. In the last 8 years, we've had one player play up because the grade above him needed a player to form a team and we've had one entire team play up a grade (2nd graders played 3rd grade). These are rare cases and not likely to be repeated.
Yes. There are several extra cost through the season.
  • Official uniform. You own the uniform, so as long as it fits you get to keep it.
  • Admission. There is a cost to attend games, generally $4 per adult and $1 per child, with a max of $10.
This depends on the grade.

  • 2nd Grade - Equal among players
  • All other grades - 10 minutes per game is required, anything more than that is at the discretion of the coach.

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