A few notes about the buildings

Sunday, November 4, 2018
As most teams have practiced and I've observed many things this week, I wanted to send a few reminders.
  1. Doors should NEVER be propped open.  Already ran into this, this should not happen.
  2. Siblings need to be in the gym or cafeteria, and always supervised.  Had a first for my 8th year doing this... fire alarm pulled.  It happens, but it can't become a thing.
  3. At the elementary, NOBODY is to be on the bleachers when closed.  I've had to ask some adults and many children to not do this.  There are actually green signs on the wall stating this.
  4. Cameras everywhere... just keep that in mind.
  5. Phones don't work in the elementary.  Just as an FYI.
  6. When school is closed due to snow, practice is canceled.  No exceptions.
  7. When school is closed for holidays and elections, practice is ON.  
  8. Not all concerts cancel practice.  Only the ones that need more seating.  If practice is canceled, the school lets me know.. and I let the coaches know.
  9. Doors should NEVER be propped open.  Yes, said this twice.. it is that important.
I think that covers the obvious.
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