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Blog posts of '2018' 'November'

Spirit Wear -Thursday, November 15, 2018

This is the second email I'll send over a four day period. 

Spirit wear is available for purchase.  I will submit one more order this year on 11/30.  You MUST pay for them in advance or the order will not be placed. I will place another order to be filled in early January. 

You can order spirit wear from our website.  Again, payment is required before any spirit wear order is filled.  You can choose the "pay in person" option, but you must contact me or my wife to drop off payment.


Parent Suspensions -Thursday, November 15, 2018

This is one of four (I reserve the right to change this number :-) ) emails I'll send over the next four days, as we get closer to the start of the season.

I want to remind those of you with children playing in the CPYBL that if you are suspended, your child is suspended.

You read that correctly. 

The league we play in has tried many things to curb poor parent behavior, and it hasn't helped.  They are hoping that by putting your child on the line, you'll behave. 

If you find you can't handle the officials or whatever.. get up and walk out of the gym immediately.

This leads me to a second point on this topic.  I have very limited authority in regard to poor officials and such.  I've seen what you've seen.  You just need to let me know (if I'm not in the gym) and I'll report to the league, but you'll likely need to ride out that game with those officials.  

Required signatures -Saturday, November 10, 2018

The state of Ohio requires that BCRL collect a few signatures from you.  In the next week or two your childs coach will be asking you to sign two documents.  Your coach will have these documents, you do not need to print anything out. 

1. Acknowledgement of the concussion rules/expectations/etc...

2. Acknowledgement of Lindsays Law.
The 2nd one also requires that you AND your child watch the video, and in our legislators great wisdom.. you AND your child have to sign the paper.
Please be ready when approached by your coach. 

A few notes about the buildings -Sunday, November 4, 2018

As most teams have practiced and I've observed many things this week, I wanted to send a few reminders.
  1. Doors should NEVER be propped open.  Already ran into this, this should not happen.
  2. Siblings need to be in the gym or cafeteria, and always supervised.  Had a first for my 8th year doing this... fire alarm pulled.  It happens, but it can't become a thing.
  3. At the elementary, NOBODY is to be on the bleachers when closed.  I've had to ask some adults and many children to not do this.  There are actually green signs on the wall stating this.
  4. Cameras everywhere... just keep that in mind.
  5. Phones don't work in the elementary.  Just as an FYI.
  6. When school is closed due to snow, practice is canceled.  No exceptions.
  7. When school is closed for holidays and elections, practice is ON.  
  8. Not all concerts cancel practice.  Only the ones that need more seating.  If practice is canceled, the school lets me know.. and I let the coaches know.
  9. Doors should NEVER be propped open.  Yes, said this twice.. it is that important.
I think that covers the obvious.

Family pass -Sunday, November 4, 2018

Last year we offered a family pass for the first time ever, we are doing it again this year.
A few facts:
  • Cost is $25.  If you have multiple children or playing on a SWOL team, this is an easy choice for you!
  • It covers two parents and associated children.  Mostly on the honor system, so not aunts/uncles and the like.  
  • You do NOT have to pay until you pick up the pass, but if you opt to pay that is fine.  In the payment section of the online order, just mark "Pay in Person."
  • THIS IS ONLY FOR HOME BCRL GAMES!!  This does not cover road games, it does not cover school games.  
  • We do not charge admission for K1 games.
All orders must be placed on our website, frankly dropped the ball a little last year in some email or other non-traditional orders. 
Home admission cost is the following:
$3 Adult
$1 Student
Seniors and young children are free. 
Family max of $7.

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