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2018 Basketball Welcome -Friday, September 28, 2018

First off, thank you for signing up for BCRL basketball.  You have options and I appreciate you choosing us.

I'm going to be sending many emails over the next month.  Please take the time to read them as you get them as I'm going to go over a few things about the season and try and answer any common questions I get.  There are changes every year, and this year is no different.  This will be one of the longest emails you get if I can discipline myself to keep it short 😊 This is the first year I've done this, but as we've grown as an organization we need to transition a bit in how we operate and understand.  Counting our K1 teams, we should have over 40 teams this year.  Eight years ago we had 11. 

In this email I want to introduce myself to you and give you some tips on being able to communicate with me when needed.  Most of you have some idea who I am, but we already have 30 new players this year and I expect that number to go up a bit more. 

My name is Clarence Klopfstein, this is my 8th year running BCRL basketball.  I've been on the board of BCRL for most of that time and coached baseball a few years before that.  Unknown to many, I do not work for Batavia schools.  I am just like you in that I have a full time job. 

I'm going to apologize now.  I use to be able to know most people by name.  Now, not so much.  So please don't be offended when I ask your name and your childs name.   Even if I should know you.. I'm terrible at names and details like that.   

My wife and I have 8 children.  Two are away in college, the third you will see at the middle school most Saturdays running the clock and monitoring the gym for me. He's a senior at Batavia high school.  Been doing work for BCRL for years so he's a good source to ask a question if you have one.  Our 8th grader does play school ball, so a few nights a week we are at his games.  Then we have our four younger sons.  They all play BCRL basketball, draft hasn't happen yet so I'm not sure how many teams they will be split up on.  We are also likely going to put one of them in to youth wrestling this year.  The point here?  We are busy.  We are many times missing a game that one of our children is in.  Heck.. there are times we both miss a game of one of our children.  So please understand that there are times I'm just being dad and would like to watch them play.   

I communicate primarily through email.  If you approach me I will likely tell you to email me whatever you talked to me about.  Failure to send that email will likely result in me forgetting whatever you need from me.  My Saturdays are super long and by time I get home, I'm crashing into bed.
I hate texting.  I type 70 words a minute on my PC.   If you text me, you can pretty much guarantee I read it... what you can't guarantee is that I'll remember that it is there and act on it.  I'm terrible at it, honestly.

I hate phone calls.  What would be a 2 minute email becomes a 10 minute conversation.   Start with email, we can talk if needed. 

In case of emergency.. call me. 


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