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Monday, October 1, 2018
I'm a bit of an over communicator, I can own that. But there are places you can go to get the latest updates.
  1. Email.  First and foremost I use email to communicate.  Add me as a contact on your email provider so I don't end up in the junk folder.  Yahoo is terrible for this (as a side note, as a tech guy.. seriously, get off of Yahoo.. gmail, Outlook, anything but Yahoo).  By adding me as a contact this should lower that.
  2. Facebook.  We have a group for basketball.  It is protected, you need to answer the questions asked when you ask to join.  
      1. Facebook is overall a very poor place for communication.  They use algorithms and such to determine when you see updates.  You can fix this by following the step in this post to get a Facebook notification when a post happens.
There are the two primary spots I put communication.  I don't always do both (sometimes I'll send an email and not post it on FB and sometimes I'll post on FB and not send an email).
While you're at it, be sure to like BCRL's main page.
Finally I am posting all of these emails on our website.  
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