Monday Morning Rule

Saturday, October 6, 2018
Okay, back to back "negative" emails.  I promise, not a lot of those but I do have to cover the bad as well as the good or administrative.
Sometimes you're not happy with a coach, referee, or situation.  I ask that you wait until Monday morning to reach out to me about any issues you have.

Already addressed approaching an official is a SERIOUS, suspension (for you AND your child) grabbing no-no. 

However approaching a coach is a huge no-no as well.   You will have times you disagree with your childs coach.  After a game is a terrible time to approach them.  You will get a reaction that is much more over the top than if you ave it until Monday morning to discuss (generally the rule is 24 hours.. in the case of practices and such). 

Give it time to see if you still think it needs addressed and then address it.  100% of the time you will at least address it with less emotion than if you did it in the moment.

Your childs coach is a volunteer.  We don't even give a break on registration fees.  So giving them a super hard time is usually frowned upon.
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