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Tuesday, October 2, 2018
So I sent out a lot of emails tonight letting people know when the player evaluations will take place.  Still a few more I need to notify, so if you didn't get it.. hold tight.  

We are doing evaluations for the following grades (2B, 3B, 4B, 5G and 6B).  All others do not require an evaluation to form teams. Due to the massive amounts of kids at most of these, the gym is closed to parents and siblings.  It becomes a bit of a mess otherwise. NOBODY gets cut in this, everybody is on a rec team.  This just helps coaches balance out the teams.

Our K1 teams are formed by me.  I get a player ranking from you and then divide the talent as even as possible.  Most years, I get it pretty close.  Last year, not so much.  So new this year, after week two I may trade a player or two to fix an imbalance.  Please keep that in mind!

Regarding request for certain teams, coaches, or with other players.  This is never guaranteed or implied to be met.  The coaches form the teams via a draft.  I am usually minimally involved, but sometimes I do have to get involved a bit to help iron out differences.  The coaches are made aware of most request, but they are not always honored for various reasons.  I walk the walk on this one, while siblings are put on the same team when requested... I am leaving my two 2nd graders up to the coaches to draft.  If it means two different teams, that is what it means. 

Finally regarding the "extra" teams we are looking to form for 3rd grade teams and above when it makes sense, if more than 10 kids show interest we have a tryout and it is an unfortunate thing but kids may be cut from that.  If the interest is 8-10 kids, it is left more up to the coach on what next steps we need (tryout or just roll with it).  
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